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About Us

West Coast Combat Center was founded in 2017 by Coach JJ

Coach JJ (Jermaine) has an extensive history in Martial Arts, including being an Olympic Qualifier and Silver Medalist at the Pan Am Games. He has won numerous titles in Taekwondo and Sport Karate, including the US Open. Jermaine is the ISKA champion and currently the number one contender for the WBC Muay Thai Belt and the WCK Belt. 


 Coach JJ has also performed as an actor and stuntman, most notably on Star Trek: The Next Generation. His background in gymnastics, Taekwondo and Muay Thai gives him a unique perspective and skillset when it comes to Martial Arts. This unique approach combined with his passion for teaching and dedication to the sport has made West Coast Combat Center a truly special place and one that has earned the dedication and devotion of its members. Please check out the videos below to see Coach JJ in action in the gym and in the ring!

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