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Generations of Excellence

Self-Discipline is essential in helping a child develop the ability to focus their mind and stick to the task at hand. At West Coast Combat Center, we see discipline and respect as our two most important virtues and we work to forge them in ourselves as well as our students. Our kids classes are fun for kids but always focus on the qualities that we want to instill in our Martial Arts Community.


Ready for Impact

Our fitness programs are designed to outlast the competition! It is our goal to help our students remove stress, live healthier lives and gain confidence. In our classes you will improve balance and coordination and learn explosive techniques designed to enhance your fitness and endurance.

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8953 Woodman Ave. Arleta 91331
Mon. 9am-9pm
Tues. 9am-9pm
Wed. 9am-9pm
Fri.   9am-8pm

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